8 Reasons Why Tote Bags Are Awesome

Bag Canvas October 26, 2020


What has made this bag such an everyday item that everybody already has or wants to have nowadays? Every user has their specific occasion why they own totes, but most users probably have some standard thoughts on why tote bags are awesome. 

Nowadays, it feels like wherever you go, you're going to see people carrying tote bags. Whether they are walking on the street, going to work, heading to the gym, shopping, trade show, etc. Tote bags have become so common in society. 

Today we would like to go over some of the reasons why tote bags are fantastic, and how it has become so prevalent in society. 


The best bag for a woman should be adaptable enough to accommodate all of the functions a lady has taken in her own life (spouse, mother, friend, working mother to mention only a couple) and roomy and practical enough to carry the items throughout the day. 

A simple canvas bag can have many practical uses while having a fashionable outlook. As we shared with you in our previous blog, "why you should own a tote bag." Totes serve for tens of reasons and very convenient in every occasion you encounter. 

They are good at holding your items, fashionable, and reusable bags, making them best friends for women. 


We have probably all been in a situation where we carry 3-4 plastic bags full of groceries when a sharp item tears the bag, and all of your items hit the floor. Luckily those days are gone. People are switching to eco-friendly alternatives. Unlike plastic bags, canvas shopping bags are not easy to rip, and they will serve you for months. They are an excellent replacement for a plastic bag since they are reusable and durable. 


Either you carry one or two shopping bags, or you buy cotton reusable wholesale totes. One thing is guaranteed that you will never run out of money or occasion matching activities. You can purchase totes in different bulk sizes, different colors for various events such as beach, gym, fashion, grocery shopping, and never discomfort with your budget. This bag is probably the best option for meeting one's quality versus value expectations. You can check out our website and see the deals and different options on the wholesale tote bag. 


We have to be responsible for the environment we live in. We should reduce personal plastic usage if we want to reduce plastic pollution. Have you ever gone to a supermarket and came without a plastic bag? The idea of being eco-friendly is to stop using plastic, especially when coming back from the grocery market. 

Since canvas bags are a perfect replacement for plastic bags, we recommend purchasing a tote bag immediately. It will decrease the usage of plastic bags and reduce plastic pollution in the environment. 

Other than reducing plastic usage, you could also consider swapping your old items in a tote bag. Upcycling the items, you think, throwing away would be another environmentalist option you can choose. 

You Can Recycle Your Tote Bags 

As I insisted at the beginning of the article, protecting the environment is essential for everyone. And recycling is another option to reduce your impact on the ground. If you own a tote bag, but it does not look pretty anymore, there is another option than trashing it. Recycle your tote bag; there are several ways to prolong your old totes; 

  • If the bag cannot load but does not look good, you can cover it with all kinds of decorations and wear it as a brand-new item. 
  • Since you use tote bags for grocery shopping, you can reuse them to store fruits or vegetables in the corner of your kitchen. 
  • You can turn your totes in the children's kitchen apron. You only need a seizure to cut it and manually sew it. That way, you could repurpose your old item and save money to entertain your kids. 

You Can Customize Your Tote Bag 


The best way to use a tote bag is either put your logo or design on it. You can customize your tote bag to promote your business in tradeshow and promote your brand recognition. 

  • They are great for businesses on a small budget because purchasing promotional tote bags in bulk is so cheap, but high quality and the effect on your business will be massive.
  • Custom totes are ads for your businesses because every time customer wears a bag with your logo on it. People will know about your company. 
  • Every promotional item will keep your company or product the customer's mind and control your brand recognition high in society. 


Tote bags are not only good at securing your item, carrying, or its durability. It is also a good matching item to your outfit. Since these bags come in different designs, colors, and sizes, you can easily match your outfit with a tote bag affordably and stylishly. 

Different Styles of Tote Bags 

Like purses, totes come in different styles, sizes, and colors for customers' preferences. You can even personalize your tote for special occasions. Check out bag and canvas to learn more information customization and hundreds of different styles that will satisfy your need. Bags range from cheap tote bags, wholesale backpacks, wholesale drawstring bags, duffle bags, lunch bags, messenger bags, and specialty bags. 

To wrap up 

Tote bags are fantastic for every occasion a bag can be used. They are designed to be your best friend wherever you go. Tell us, why do you think tote bags are fantastic? What occasion do you use your totes? Is there any other reason why tote bags are so popular? Tell us about your thoughts, leave a comment down the blog.