Bag Canvas November 17, 2019

A dillybag or dilly bag is a traditional Australian Aboriginal bag, generally woven from the fibers of plant species of this Pandanusgenus. It's used for a variety of food transportation and preparation functions.

Dilly comes in the Jagera word Dili, which refers to both the bag and the plants where it is made.

Even the dilly bag, otherwise known as yakou, yibali or but but bag, is a bag worn around the neck to carry food like berries, meat, fish, etc.. The Dilly bag is generally woven out of vines or dried grasses and sometimes had animal or feather fur within the bag to stop small pieces of food falling through holes in the weave. Mainly used by women to assemble food but can be used by men to help carry some tools for searching.

Another usage for the dilly bag (also named Mukurtu) was holder for private or tribal artifacts. The"Dilly bag" term is also used to describe bags utilized by non-aboriginal Australians, such as a smaller food bag carried by swagmen along with their swags. [two ] The expression can be used by Australians to explain comparable bags for other purposes.