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Due to the high demand and shortage in supply of face masks, it’s being one of the hard to find items these days. 

Therefore, we put our best effort to make face masks available for our customers at the lowest possible price. 

In order to help our community, we are offering wholesale prices with no minimum order limit for in-stock items (Most items comes in packages that we can  not open and sell individually, masks come in packages of 50 or 100). However, there’s a maximum order limit which will keep it reachable for everyone who is in need.

N95 masks are crucial for protecting medical workers who are treating patients with coronavirus. Therefore we’re not offering N95 masks. 

We’re offering simple disposable masks that will protect us from each other. It can prevent spreading droplets that can be created by the wearer. 

We are Donating!

Please simply email us for donation requests. All emails will be replied promptly. 

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